Which version of the Bible do you read? Does it really matter? I mean, a Bible's a Bible, right? I mean, there are a few minor differences between the translations, but hey, what's the difference? And what about those radical "King James Only" nutbags? 

Until recently, my wife and I both thought that the "King James Only" crowd was a bunch of "wacko Christians" who needed to stop being so uptight. We both felt that the NASB, the NIV, and the New King James, and the 1611 Authorized King James were basically the same, with a few differences, but nothing major. We felt like those were the "accepted versions" and the only versions to worry about were those paraphrases like the Living Bible, Good News Bible, and the Message.

My wife and I are very much alike. We always attempt to seek the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel or how unpopular it is. We were actively seeking to "step outside the box" in many other realms, when, in the midst of our journey, God Himself dropped an amazing DVD into our lives entitled "Battle of the Bibles" by former evolutionist, turned Creationist, Dr. Walter Veith.  It was one of the most amazing, eye-opening lectures we had ever seen, and really waked us up about this topic.

The Bible says, "Do not be deceived by the devil, but rather expose his evil deeds."  So, we wanted to find out just how we could determine, for sure, which Bible(s) we should be reading. After all, as Christians, we are basing our eternity on God's Word, right? We read the Bible each day, and we base our decisions based upon what God tells us.

So, doesn't it seem of vital importance that we should make sure that this book, upon which we are basing our eternal destiny, and which we read each day (in quiet time and to our children) and the book that we are studying each Sunday at church, is based on the original, unaltered Greek manuscripts and is truly the Word of God? 

When we began to look deeper into this issue, the facts which we uncovered truly astounded us . . . so we decided to create this website to share with others who are also seeking the truth. Here is the truth: God is unchangeable, and so is His Word.  In Matthew 24:35, the Lord Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."  

You see, we were actually extremely ignorant of the issues concerning this debate, and didn't really understand much about anything. This website is www.1611KingJamesBible.com, and I chose that domain because I liked it and it was easy to remember, but the real issue is not about the translations (i.e. 1611 KJV, New KJV, NIV, NASB, etc.) but it is about the MANUSCRIPTS upon which the translations are based, such as the Textus Receptus, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, etc. 

Yes, I know this is a hot issue, and most people will not take the time to really investigate enough to discover the truth. I recently received an email from a close friend of mine, and he stated, "If you like reading 400 year old English and like that translation, that's cool, but you're doing your kids a disservice by binding this KJV-only idea to their conscience."  I'm sure that many people who read through this website will feel the same way as my friend, and that's "cool" (using my friend's vernacular).

The King James Version (or other translations based on the Textus Receptus such as the Geneva Bible or the 21st Century King James) may not be the "coolest" version to use, and that's OK. Our church isn't the "coolest" church either - we actually sing hymns, the men wear ties, the ladies wear dresses, the preacher doesn't wear flip flops at the pulpit, and he actually teaches verse by verse through the Bible. So, if you're after a "hip" version of the Bible, or a "cool" version of the Bible, perhaps this website won't help you much. Perhaps you should purchase the "Refuel" bible for guys or the "Revolve" or "True Images" bibles for girls. I understand that they are "up to date" with the language and very "cool."

However, if you are seeking the truth as to which modern translations are actually based on accurate Greek Texts, then Lord willing there will be some useful information on this site. We're just trying to make the information available and understandable. What you do with the information is up to you. We both pray that this website will be profitable to you in your search for truth.

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